The secret of the success of STABILPROCESS®

The self-creation of the neutral atmosphere that is essential to ensure safe operation and driving the oven by the behavior of the wood being processed
All this using a patented and truly ecological process that has largely proven itself.

No introduction of neutral gas or chemical and if you add to this a rise in temperature and cooling of the wood without heat shock; we understand the conclusions of the scientists who worked on the study and the validation of the results “Products”.

The StabilProcess® technique

No complex and tedious program, it is the wood which drives the furnace thanks to a technique of intelligent management. The duration of the treatment is therefore a function of the resistance of the wood.

  • Furnace of 10m³: 1500 – 2400 m³ gross / year
  • Furnace of 15m³: 2250 – 3600 m³ gross / year
  • Treatment time at 230 ° C: 18 to 25 h. (variable depending on the quality and the species of the wood